Kytos is a non-profit organization that creates alternative ways of learning compatible with the times we live in

We want to share scientific knowledge through games that allow players to understand scientific concepts as a by-product of playing the games

Our Mission
Make learning fun and accessible with games

We believe in the democratization of knowledge. For us knowledge and education should see no frontiers. Our multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-language team believes education is a source of freedom and knowledge to be a vector for social change.

Our Vision
Spread education through fun all over the world

We dream of a world where education is free, accessible and, most importantly, engaging. Human beings are naturally curious, and we want to match up to this curiosity with dynamic and interactive learning. We create scientifically accurate board and digital games that complement the school curriculum.

We see education as a source of freedom and the pathway to build a more democratic and equal society.

Main pillars

Kytos is built on 4 pillars that are key to its mission

At the root of what unites us is a set of common values and pillars that we share and on which we agreed to build Kytos.

Non for profit

Since education is an act of love, we believe that it naturally should not be a for-profit venture.

Open access

We are committed to make our content digitally available for free.


We recognize that accessibility to education is a key factor in the democratization of knowledge.


The nature is our home and greatest teacher, let's make sure to protect it to the best of our abilities.

OUR Partners